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Silentstep Vinyl Underlayment

Luxury Vinyl Floor Underlay

Silentstep Vinyl Underlayment

SilentStep Vinyl Underlayment is a highly durable acoustic barrier designed for high-use commercial and domestic applications. SilentStep has an inbuilt moisture barrier which is mildew and mould resistant. At 1.5mm thick, it’s one of the thinnest underlays available today. It’s construction was designed with the environment in mind as it is 100% recyclable. SilentStep is a super safe, phlalates free, non-toxic, non-allergenic, sound resistant underlay packed full of features.

Vapour Protection

Inbuilt Water Vapour Barrier 

Acoustic Barrier

Strong acoustic barrier for noise control


Mildew and Mold Resistant

Safe for Homes

100% Recyclable, Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic



  1. Prepare the subfloor for the flooring installation, ensure it is dry and flat.
  2. Unroll and place Moccasin underlayment with black textured side down, this acts as the moisture barrier.
  3. Trim and cut to follow the perimeter of the room to create a smooth continuous membrane.
  4. You are ready to install your vinyl floor