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Floor Acoustic Underlay

Floor Acoustic is a premium acoustical floor underlay. It has been environmentally designed for sound isolation and impact noise control under floating laminate flooring, engineered wood and solid wood flooring. It is an excellent choice for commercial and residential installations.

The product system has been engineered for all sub-floors. It provides maximum performance for minimum thickness combining an impact and vibration damping and sound absorber with a decoupled noise barrier. It can easily be formed into any shape and it perfect for do-it-yourself; laying and trimming are quick and easy.

Floor Acoustic is available in 3 mm thickness layer including 6 mil moisture barriers for improving moisture protection. It has been tested of highest IIC-74 and STC-73 ratings, and that makes it ideal impact noise insulation and no other impact noise protection is necessary.

Floor Acoustic is perfect for soundproofing floors in noisy buildings especially in multiple-story dwellings, condominiums, homes, hotels and apartments.

Floor Acoustic Underlay Features

Environmentally Friendly

Non-toxic Construction

Natural Cushioning

Reduces Impact and Noise

Water Resistant

Mould and Mildew Free

Highly Durable

Built for high resilience


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